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The most important aspect of designing your web site should be the selection of the most relevant keyword phrases and their associated keywords for your business or service.  The selection of relevant keywords and related keyword phrases is the most important part of any SEO program and is the foundation of our search engine optimization strategy.  What you may think your keywords are may not be the phrases and words that users actually type into the search engines.  A targeted keyword phrase is a search term of two or more words that you can reasonably expect someone to type into a search engine when they are looking for the product or service you provide.  Usually, too many sites will be relevant for a single keyword making your odds of successfully getting to the top of the search engines much lower.  Don't waste time fighting these odds.  In order to get maximum exposure within the search engines, it is important that your web sites focus on information unique to your business. By picking keyword phrases of two or more words you will have a better shot at success.

Our search engine optimization programs include the following keyword phrase services:

  • Research the words and phrases you've provided that you feel best describe the products and service offered by your company.
  • Using a database of over 300,000,000 searches performed on all the major search engines over the past 60 days, we'll uncover what your prospective customers are actually typing into the search boxes at the major search engines and directories.
  • Provide you with the most relevant and related keyword phrases.
  • Help you determine which keyword phrases will have the best chance of getting top rankings in the search engines and will be the most successful at delivering qualified leads to your web site.

Finally, if you have an existing web site, before continuing our SEO process we will evaluate your existing search engine results.

Accordingly we will:

  • Generate a rankings report to analyze the current performance of your web site in each of the search engines using the agreed upon keyword phrases.
  • Analyze competing sites that perform well in searches using the targeted keyword phrases.
  • Determine "Link Popularity" of your site as well as competing sites (link popularity refers to the number and type of web sites that link to your web site)


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For more information about keyword selection process, or to speak to a representative about any of our search engine optimization and web design programs, please call Starship Internet Marketing Services today toll free at 888-SEO-PROFESSIONALS (888-736-7763) or click here to email us.



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