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Working with Paid Inclusion Programs

Paid inclusion is a method of submitting your pages to various search engines for a price. It DOES NOT guarantee you a top position in any search result. Your site must still be optimized for the search engines. The URL's submitted to the various Paid Inclusion services are subject to the same analysis and editorial rules as every other web page in each search engine. Paid Inclusion simply gets you indexed on the engines much faster (generally months quicker) than if you were to wait for them to find you on their own. If you elect to use Paid Inclusion we can help you determine which pages are good candidates for submission and we can handle the submissions for you.

Benefits of Paid Inclusion Programs

  • Your pages are included in the specific search engines much faster than submitting through free add URL links or waiting for the spiders to find the pages on their own.
  • With paid inclusion, your pages are reevaluated on an ongoing basis. Depending on the search engine the time frame for updates is usually between 2 and 7 days.
  • You never have to submit your pages again!
  • You can make changes to your pages today and begin to see the results of those changes within a week.
  • Most of the paid inclusion programs offer some sort of submission reports.

Paid Inclusion Subscription Options:

You can select to participate in any or all of these options. There is no additional fee paid to us.

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