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Monthly Maintenance:

Search Engine Position Tracking and Reporting

Without a way of measuring results there is no way of knowing whether your search engine optimization and positioning program is working.
One way of checking your ranking would be to visit each search engine, type your keywords into the search window, look for your site, and paste the results of what you've discovered into a spread sheet or word processor program. You'd need to do this for each search engine and for each keyword every month and compare the results. The other way is to go out and purchase automated Position Reporting software such as Web Position Gold or Search Engine Commando. 

Alternatively, you could employ us to monitor your sites position for you. We provide you with monthly search engine ranking position reports. Our SEO software queries the major search engines for the keywords and keyword phrases you've selected, remembers where your site was ranked when the report was previously run, and displays the results in a simple, easy to understand format. We also show you any page of your web site site that is known and listed in each engine, not just the home page. With this kind of information available to you, any negative change in your search engine ranking can be quickly spotted and adjusted before it becomes serious.

At intervals of approximately 30 days, we will analyze how your site is ranking in each of the major search engines for all the keyword phrases that we've targeted, as well as your change in performance from the prior period. We will then report these results to you by uploading them to a special area of your web site (or ours) and send you an email with a link to this area when completed.

Visitor Tracking and Web Site Usage Statistics

It is pointless having a search engine optimization program in place without knowing who is visiting your site and how they arrived there. We can install independent visitor tracking software on your site to monitor it on an ongoing basis.
You'll get information such as:

  • Number of visitors
  • Search terms being used to find you
  • Web site and page that the visitor originated from
  • Search engine used to find your site
  • Top referring sites and search engines
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly visitor totals
  • User system information (screen resolution, browser, color settings, etc.)
  • Visiting search engine spiders, and more.

All of this information is essential for the success of your site. By knowing which search engines are referring you the most visitors and which keywords are the most effective, it is possible to plan the future direction of the SEO program.

Search Engine Optimization Fine Tuning

Based on the results of our tracking, we will, as needed, fine tune your site in an effort to raise your search engine performance rankings.

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For more information about our monthly maintenance programs, or to speak to a representative about any of our SEO services, please call Starship Internet Marketing Services today toll free at 888-SEO-PROFESSIONALS (888-736-7763) or click here to email us.



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