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Search Engine Optimization Programs

Just as every indivdual is unique in his or her own way, so are the requirements of each and every client.  Since each client has unique needs, goals, objectives, and budgets, our Search Engine Optimization programs are customizied to meet the specific requirements of each client.  Below is a sample of the types of programs we have available to help you acheive your online goals.


Keyword Research is the first step we take when beginning any of our programs.  This critical step involves the research and selection of relevant and targeted keywords and phrases that relate to the products and services you offer.  This research often helps guide the layout and design of a web sites menu system and/or the development of pages that specifically target highly relevant and qualified keywords and phrases. Very often the research turns up words and phrases that are consistently being searched for by end users but that the client had not anticipated or even thought of.

Our Keyword Research Report is a stand alone report that provides you with a full set of words and phrases that best suit your business goals and objectives. We research and analyze the keywords and phrases you provide along with those your competitors are using and produce a comprehensive list that shows the level of competition for each word/phrase, the number of people searching for your words, and the best words for you to use to achieve high rankings.  This report is essentially market research and can be used by your marketing department, your in-house web team when developing your site, or for use in designing Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns.


Our SEO programs begin by correctly tying together the design of your website with the keyword research.  We determine what should be entered for the proper use of Title tags, Description and Keyword Meta Tags, Heading tags, Alt Tags and the roughly 60 other items on each page of a web site that can effect your Search Engine rankings.  We then submit your site correctly to each of the major search engines and track how you and your competitors are doing side by side.

To learn how we can help you with your unique project, contact us today and receive a free evaluation and consultation.

LINK BUILDING PROGRAMS (Off-site optimization)

Our link building programs help you establish a richer and more complete presence on the internet.  By acquiring links from similar or related sites that point to your web site you can gain additional traffic to your site from these link partners and in turn can increase the "popularity" of your site as determined by the search engines.  This, in turn, help raise your rankings on these search engines.  Knowing and acquiring a quality link to your site versus just getting a link from any site can have a significant impact on your sites ability to rank at the top of the free listings.  In addition, the text of the link itself that points to your site plays a pivotal role in getting you top rankings on the search engines. The tools at our disposal allow us to find out who links to your competitors web sites and then get you linked on those same web sites.


You'll receive a current search engine rankings report from all major search engines of up to 5 keyword phrases for you and up to two of your competitors.


The search engine optimization site review report is an in depth and impartial review of your existing web site.  It includes a search engine rankings report for up to 10 keyword phrases, points out potential problems with your current web site design, reviews potential search engine optimization issues, and recommends basic strategy for search engine promotion implementation.  This report is great for do it yourselfers.  See our search engine optimization links page for other helpful tools if you plan on doing it yourself.

Web Site Design

Each of the Search Optimization programs above presume that you already have a web site that you want to generate more business from.  However, our professional team of web designers are available to accommodate those clients who are looking to have a site designed from scratch.  In fact this truly is the best way to create a web site that's designed from the outset to make your presence on the web known.  

All the web sites we design are a team effort between our company and yours to ensure you get exactly what you want and not what some designer thinks you should have.  We'll guide you down the right paths and explain how vital a role the design of the site is to your search engine optimization success.  Call us at 888-SEO-PROFESSIONALS for a free consultation regarding your web site design needs.

SEO and Web Design Consulting

For those clients that may have an internal web designer or online marketing department, our experienced staff can provide you with top notch consulting services for any and all of the areas mentioned above. Bringing in an SEO consultant helps assure that you make the best decisions possible towards achieving the goals for your site and your business.  Alternatively, depending on the need we can arrange a monthly project fee that could offer more flexibility at a better rate.

Web Site Hosting Programs


For additional information about our search engine optimization and web design programs, or to speak to a representative about any of our SEO services, please call Starship Internet Marketing Services today toll free at 888-SEO-PROFESSIONALS (888-736-7763) or click here to email us.

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