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Computer Consulting Services

When it comes to establishing a "Working Web Site", Starship Internet Marketing Services knows that there is more to doing business online than just the design and search engine marketing of your site.  Clients will often ask us if we can help them with other computer or internet related aspects of their business.  Perhaps they want to acquire a merchant account.  Maybe they need to purchase some new computers.  It's also possible they might need help with an upgrade or installation of some software.  As our staff comes from a varied technical background, we are always happy to provide any help where we can.  When these special requests come in, if we do not already have someone on staff knowledgeable about the inquiry, we'll go ahead and do the legwork and research all relevant possibilities for the client.  Then we work closely with business owners to acquire or implement the request. 

Put it this way..., if you have any computer or internet related question... ask us.  If we can help, we'll be glad to!

Additional Services

  • Computer Hardware and Software Sales - Purchase computer, monitors, printers, pda's, software, online training and more from our online computer superstore.
  • Business Web Hosting - Quality web hosting at an affordable price.
  • Domain Name Registration - get your dot.com name now before someone else takes it.  Contact Us for more information.
  • Merchant Accounts - If you want to accept credit cards online you must have a merchant account.  Here's an affordable solution that's easy to work with.
  • SSL Certificates - Security is a must to perform a secure transaction.  An SSL Certificate is a must.
  • Dial-Up Internet Access - Contact Us for more information about dial-up access.

We can also help you with:

  • Corporate Email Accounts
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Networking Setup
  • Business Software Automation (including Word & Excel programming)

For more information about our search engine optimization and web design programs or to speak to a representative about any of our computer or internet services, please call Starship Internet Marketing Services today toll free at 888-SEO-PROFESSIONALS (888-736-7763) or click here to email us.


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